lying awake

she lies awake and wonders where it went the glow that once surrounded who she was for all the hidden talents she’s misspent for random choices, lacking a “because” in stillness now, she thinks of one mistake her mother’s eyes with tears were dabbed and flecked for all that woman’s faults, for goodness sake she … Continue reading "lying awake"


what is your truth? what have you seen when no one else was there to see? is there a lonely spot of road that's made from you or maybe me? you knew one in the wintertime when walls were painted with despair and no place that you went preferred to anywhere or everywhere what is … Continue reading "Token"

{ … lines … }

when the lines are angled in, don’t pretend you’re lonely; when the pattern’s closing in, don’t put on you’re sad —- light does as it always does, friendship is, where effort was, though the lines be sharpened in, much is to be had if we see that image is little more than lies; when we … Continue reading "{ … lines … }"


And, my Aren’t I the special one Awake at 3 AM Awash in luxury Amidst the trappings of power A haunted soul An exhausted prophet After more Answering questions Asked by chandeliers At this expensive hotel Among crystalline futility


In spring, you feel the newness of it all. Each feeling is a flower, fresh, unique; Like love or loneliness, each one is pure, And beauty of discovery hangs round The edges of the garden path that leads To who you want to be and where and how — In spring, you feel the newness … Continue reading "Seasons"

Schematics 7

Our things end up in boxes, Our boxes lie in rows, And though we clean our clutter, Its presence always grows But maybe it’s symbolic To thus our stuff divide, Since we end up in boxes That lie there Side-by-side