… how close the far away

Across the room a wooden table Yellow tea lights flicker The night is gathering her dress To go amid the stars And we in silence find abundance Through the skylight glowing As shadows dance across the bed And every sound is ours For we are physical and mental Full emotions churning And yet are centered … Continue reading "… how close the far away"

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the light can change, we see things differently. perhaps what was and wasn’t meant to be. but i know this: you left me still a man, and though there’s little else i understand, i wish you well wherever you might be, for light can change those few things we can see

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it happened when it happened and i didn’t really understand the reasons that you needed and you wanted such a man as happened to be sitting there, and thinking overmuch: but what the eyes cannot believe is soon proved true to touch

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the days i still recall as much as any nights; but men don’t think that way, so women say misunderstanding runs while sympathy still limps, and yet, it doesn’t have to be that way i think that i know well enough the boundaries and lines that we must have to shield off who we are … Continue reading "followings: 7"