She has a dream of finding love. But never
Has she felt lesser, or that it’s required:
She’s wholly there, complete, and will be, ever.
Already someone generally admired

Because she’s pure and doesn’t need approval.
The love she dreams of isn’t, well, a crutch —
It is a dream of mateship among equals;
Of union close perfected

With a touch

I Really Should Be Sleeping…

I really should be sleeping, but
I hard ever really do,
A thing not unexpected,
Given age

For I’d observed for many years
That sleep’s the province of the young;
And so I’m not surprised, now,
At this stage,

That I am an insomniac
(of a peculiar kind)
I get to sleep okay, but then,
Am wakened by a mind

That’s into problem solving, and
Gets up before I do;
And back at work before
A half-night’s sleep is even through

I really should be sleeping, but
That just is not my destiny:
The road I’m on’s the one
I have to take

But though I’ll walk the earth today
And wear my open eyes,
I do not think I’ll really
Be awake

Night Musing

Cannot Sleep

It’s the middle of night

Funny how the night doesn’t seem to have sides
Only a middle

There used to be some soap opera…
“The Edge of Night”
So, there is that

Why am I awake?
I’m frequently asleep at work
I have this all backwards

I wonder if I could claim jet lag
From driving a 1982 Dodge Omni?
That car can’t even do the speed limit

If you dropped it out of a plane

What was that plane my dad used to fly?
Yeah, that’s right, a “Goony-Bird”
It was a transport plane, I think

The airshow here last week was sure loud
Like when I went to see that
Awful Journey concert

We classical music types should know our limits

Speaking of limits, I wonder
Would reviewing my advance Calculus textbook
Help me get to sleep?

I remember that
For every Delta there is an Epsilon
There’s no Epsilon Airlines

That’s okay, their flight schedule
Would probably be Greek to me
And I’d be standing there
Alone in the airport, thinking

It’s the middle of the night

Classical Conundrum

Tale of Two Cities

At night I’ll read
When I am lost
And cannot get
A moment’s rest

My mind I’ll feed
While trouble-tossed
And find there, yet
The minutes blessed

And, funny how
I read along
Enthralled clean through
My beating heart

That only now
When I’m not strong
Do I turn to
Great works of art

Insomniad #3

I lie awake and dream that I am sleeping
I fall asleep and dream that I’m awake;
I don’t know if I’m coming or I’m going
I do not know how much more I can take

You came to me in dreams when I was younger
You teased me with desire and delight
You ghosted then away as in a nightmare
You left me here
To wrestle
With the night