I Really Should Be Sleeping…

I really should be sleeping, but
I hard ever really do,
A thing not unexpected,
Given age

For I’d observed for many years
That sleep’s the province of the young;
And so I’m not surprised, now,
At this stage,

That I am an insomniac
(of a peculiar kind)
I get to sleep okay, but then,
Am wakened by a mind

That’s into problem solving, and
Gets up before I do;
And back at work before
A half-night’s sleep is even through

I really should be sleeping, but
That just is not my destiny:
The road I’m on’s the one
I have to take

But though I’ll walk the earth today
And wear my open eyes,
I do not think I’ll really
Be awake

Sleep, I’ve Missed You

Sleep, I’ve missed you
Many nights
Waited for you

I relive
But they’re not

Could I just but
Clear my mind
Then perhaps my
Brain would rest

Take me over, sleep
I beg you
Lying peaceful, slum’bring

not awake

i wish that i was not awake
and up to see this time of night,
and that i wasn’t wondering
‘how many rounds left in this fight’?

if i could live out past the stretch
between the towns of ache and harm
i’d buy a hammock, and a book,
and hydroponic farm,

and concentrate the love i feel
for you, for them, for pity’s sake,
and plant out past the edge of dreams
and reap my harvest
not awake

Midnight Migration

“In long formation, headed out…”

Across the cloudy moonlit sky,
As midnight tolls the hour of doubt,
In long formation, headed out,
A seagull flock goes flying by

They know they must, and so they fly,
The restlessness, it drives them on,
As my mind echoes, still, till dawn
The gull-at-midnight’s