Spent Manic Blossoms

The few, short hours that we get To sit upon the dying grass, The days of sunlight soon to fade, As they, like we, are born to pass – Habitual endearing of Those close enough to plunder — And this, we’ve come to glorify; It sort of makes you wonder A song this morning played, … Continue reading "Spent Manic Blossoms"

A Madman’s Thoughts

Some live in wealth, while others die, bereft — We tell the truth when that’s all we have left. For while I feel my mind is breaking down, I’ll try to write while I am still around And able, maybe, to create a thought: Like how what no one owns can still be bought. I … Continue reading "A Madman’s Thoughts"

My Recurring Lunacy

I have a wonderful family Relatively good health A great career But, now, as has happened my whole life A periodic insanity grips me And I feel that I would give everything up If for just one day I could be the type of man Who women fall in love with Just by looking at him . … Continue reading "My Recurring Lunacy"