who is the villain

who is the villain when we find we've gained a thrill but lost our mind? who is enemy in this? is it the ruse, the lie, the kiss -- how do we know who we can trust when our own bodies lie to us?

taken aback

perhaps what is is meant to be perhaps this will go swimmingly perhaps direct's an okay blunt taken aback or taken affront

the conquistador

it's wrong he loves his wife he does he knows that this is craziness it's like somebody else is there inside his head and driving this and headed to that shape that scent that feeling blending conjuring all mixed with the illusion that it's him doing the conquering

the how in starting

he asked her if she'd go with him for what was a night of elegance with nothing inappropriate conveyed by either word or glance so they were there as colleagues zero shown or done or evidenced but oh the food and drink were good and much indulged and somehow sensed the car a sudden kiss … Continue reading "the how in starting"

Nothing Like She Was

AFTER the moment spent the arching back the long release she sees NOTHING but an empty void a reasonless and clamoring anxiety but this IS LIKE other addictions, in its heinousness and fated-ness oh that SHE WAS that other girl that happy girl she used to be

a mistress

it seems he has a mistress he never thought he would he meant to live in honor and be loyal and do good it seems he has a mistress and each new thing is tried to show not that he's aging but that he hasn't died it seems he's like the others, they say decent … Continue reading "a mistress"

Haley’s Comment

Now you ask,  ‘Can we meet?’ Well ain’t that sweet — How ’bout you bring your wife?