One Drawback of Imagination

There are some, and this is one.

The things that I remember are
Far better than the truth;
I find these nonexistent clues
Like some great pseudo-sleuth

I make a past that never was
From castles in my mind;
While yet the boy I really was
Gets farther left


Never / Tuscany

Never have I been Tuscany, except for books and movies.
Still, I have an image of it, bright within my mind —
Beautiful, with long and shapely trees, out in the fields and vineyards,
Distants hills and waiting meals of succulence and wine —

Never have I been to Italy, at all, to any region,
Still, I have a picture of it, as though I had been —
Beautiful forgotten summer, traveling as though in wonder,
What my heart as seen, my eyes could only see



That’s actually me.

I used to be a super-hero
Back when I was five:
My swordplay nonpareil; in fact,
No villain would survive

Their villainy, if they, perchance,
Happened to come past me;
I’d take them all down, laughing,
As I left a giant ‘Z’ —

I kind of peaked at five, I think,
My days as Mini-Zorro;
I’ve never been as dashing since,
To my eternal sorrow —

Yes, super-heroes go away
When they become unsuited,
Until another child comes
And all of it’s

The Harbor of Iniquity

A place that he would thrive in…

The Harbor of Iniquity
A place that he would thrive in:
At least, he thinks he would
If he could find someone to guide him

For there he would live carnally
In pleasure without limit:
In fact, he would live there right now
If he wasn’t so

= = = = =

Photo Credit : © Tonyv3112 | – Red Light District In Amsterdam Photo

Solstice Train

Her mind’s at home in a miniature world.

Her mind’s at home in a miniature world –
Child of seven in her warm p.j.’s –
Head to the floor with the lights down low
Solstice train with its lights ablaze

Party inside for the well-dressed folk
Dining and dancing and sharing a story;
Child transported by effortless joy
Through imagined