How Tangible

It’s strange how tangible is lack,
How much reality
Is in the things we wish we knew
That never come to be.

The touch I’ve wanted long to feel,
The taste I’ve never savored:
They’re still within my fevered mind,
And that has never wavered —

It’s strange how very real it is:
These things I’ve never known
Are I’ll I’m left with, in the end,


One Drawback of Imagination

The things that I remember are
Far better than the truth;
I find these nonexistent clues
Like some great pseudo-sleuth

I make a past that never was
From castles in my mind;
While yet the boy I really was
Gets farther left


Never / Tuscany

Never have I been Tuscany, except for books and movies.
Still, I have an image of it, bright within my mind —
Beautiful, with long and shapely trees, out in the fields and vineyards,
Distants hills and waiting meals of succulence and wine —

Never have I been to Italy, at all, to any region,
Still, I have a picture of it, as though I had been —
Beautiful forgotten summer, traveling as though in wonder,
What my heart as seen, my eyes could only see



I used to be a super-hero
Back when I was five:
My swordplay nonpareil; in fact,
No villain would survive

Their villainy, if they, perchance,
Happened to come past me;
I’d take them all down, laughing,
As I left a giant ‘Z’ —

I kind of peaked at five, I think,
My days as Mini-Zorro;
I’ve never been as dashing since,
To my eternal sorrow —

Yes, super-heroes go away
When they become unsuited,
Until another child comes
And all of it’s

The Harbor of Iniquity

The Harbor of Iniquity
A place that he would thrive in:
At least, he thinks he would
If he could find someone to guide him

For there he would live carnally
In pleasure without limit:
In fact, he would live there right now
If he wasn’t so

= = = = =

Photo Credit : © Tonyv3112 | – Red Light District In Amsterdam Photo

Solstice Train

Her mind’s at home in a miniature world –
Child of seven in her warm p.j.’s –
Head to the floor with the lights down low
Solstice train with its lights ablaze

Party inside for the well-dressed folk
Dining and dancing and sharing a story;
Child transported by effortless joy
Through imagined