The Field of Irony

The verdant Field of Irony
Has always got new growth;
For words and actions will diverge
Till neither mirrors both

We set our stake upon a ground
That is no way our own;
And talk about a flag we fly
That isn’t one we’ve flown

We long to join the rich in words,
Where wealth is metaphor;
Down in the Field of Irony
There’s always room for more

You Set Out To Change The World

Hammock Life

You set out to change the world
But the world changed you

You left here knowing you were meant for great things
And all of us believed it
Because we believed in you
And what you stood for

Then we all saw the pure incandescence of your idealism
Fade slowly to the smeared gas light of what you call

Oh, you are so pragmatic now
Upholding ideals that bear a superficial resemblance
To those you once espoused
But you serve a different master, now
One whose interests always seem to coincide with yours

You live in your bought-and-paid for house
With your bought-and-paid for companion
Amidst the cold lifelessness you call success

But you ultimately overshot the target
Even given the world’s low standards
And the stupefied grin of self-satisfaction
Invades the corners of your skin into every orifice

It’s hard to believe now
That you once were going to change the world

Before it ate your soul