Because she wanted to know what standing in the back hatch area of my car felt like… They are getting ready to leave, and she clings to me like she never wants to let go. She is only two years old. I am “grandpa” to her, her four year-old brother and six year-old cousin. Last … Continue reading "Granddaughter"

First-Time Eyes

See the shooting stars come down; Clouds in cities near the ground, Wonderland of dusk, and moon, On a hill in fading June. Old eyes smiling see again First-time eyes are glowing — Crickets, frogs, and cars, and breeze, Sounds ignored that sudden please; Questions asked in gabbled voice, Words of answering rejoice — Old … Continue reading "First-Time Eyes"


He is only two, after all.

Fountain of Toddlerhood

He reaches out a tiny hand To feel the fountain water As joy lights up his beaming face The child of my daughter The water bubbles, overflows His interested expression grows A moment in a day – apart To warm this worn grandfather’s heart