First-Time Eyes

See the shooting stars come down;
Clouds in cities near the ground,
Wonderland of dusk, and moon,
On a hill in fading June.
Old eyes smiling see again
First-time eyes are glowing —

Crickets, frogs, and cars, and breeze,
Sounds ignored that sudden please;
Questions asked in gabbled voice,
Words of answering rejoice —
Old ears grinning hear again
Summer winds are blowing —

Sometimes, hope seems lost and gone,
Night has won – defeated dawn –
Hence the cycle of new birth:
Hope again returns to earth.
Girls and women, boys and men —
Love is


It’s pretty amazing.

It hurts my head to think about
How much I love my grandson;
He’s very smart, and very strong,
And also rather handsome.

His face displays elation when
I pick him up to play;
He also tends to cry when it
Is time to go away.

To love your child is an ache
That there is no deflecting;
But this much love at my age
I was not at all expecting.