We need to find stillness If we are to move forward We must find acceptance If anything is To change

After —

Beware of judging the burned if You’ve never felt The fire
Aleatory casserole / Atlantic Ocean edition
Who will I wound today For my abstractions?

Our Dances

In life, we take our chances, though Those often need improving: At times, we dance our dances with The ones who won’t be moving The rain may fall, the storm may rage To drown out limb and voices — The muddy fields that are our lives, Our dances and Our choices

Reflecting On

The woman she should know the most, But it is like she’s seen a ghost: Reflecting on the hidden cost Of all she’s found, but who She’s lost

No Lonelier Feeling

She blamed him for not understanding Feelings that she didn’t understand herself. There is no lonelier feeling Than loving with all you have, And it just not being Enough

crashing constantly

waves crashing constantly like some idiot who posts poems every ninety minutes for days

i dream in green

i dream in green a lot (i think) it’s something of a failing; the farmland lies like melons, past two eyes grown weak and ailing still, others are more restive yet with visions cruel, obscene – while charity swims into mind because i dream in green