the ghost of your own life

the ghost of your own life that dances
to an echoed long ago,
hopes within a living phantom,
cursed and blessed and even so,

you walk. although a stumbling planner,
life is more, and less, than chance —
but you travel, weary, always,
hearing her voice calling you

to dance


Miracle Walk

Does she believe in miracles?
I think she’d say she does
For she knows just how far she’s come
From out of ‘what there was’

The girl who once took make-believe
Into her adult life
Pretending to have everything
A boss, mother and wife

Till Autumn stripped away pretense
As leaves fall to the ground
And everything she thought she had
Came swiftly falling down

And left her needing miracles.
She emerged from the rough
To find that who she really was
Was really
Good enough