How hard the moments are, in life, When we are vulnerable, exposed; The doors which we approach, concerned That we’ll forever find them closed How strange the heart. It strives and yearns For others: striving, yearning, too; The look that freezes, touch that burns — To strive is all that we can do Because we … Continue reading "Vulnerable"


When she was almost young, she slept Next to the fields of pure delight; When she went almost out, she heard Of secret pleasures in the night When she felt almost love, she dreamed Of freedom found in ecstasy — Yes, when she almost lived, she lived Just two doors down From me   (“Almost” … Continue reading "Almost"


A strange eventuality, This life of surreality: To be engrossed In thought or ghost Engulfed by each totality For precious things that disappear, For wool that grows to see the shear, The blight that thrives, The mind that hives, The many equals without peer And odd strand of our filament, Now clothed in new habiliment: … Continue reading "Affectionless"

Woods On Fire

(From an experience a friend of mine had many years ago. - Owen)

More Than Just Our Scars

We’re more than just our scars, We’re the adventures that occasioned The bits of us we left behind; That left us sore, or chastened, Or maybe neither. Maybe we Are made the way we’re made To learn about survival, else We just remain Afraid

The Brink

If I could show you all my heart, I’d frame it there in sharp relief, Because it now is my belief The whole of which we’re all a part Is meant for sharing in a way We rarely do ’cause we’re afraid; Our spectral fears won’t be allayed, Nor our lost concentration stay. But at … Continue reading "The Brink"

The Swarm

Your nightmares might have zombies Or falling, floods or fire; But mine have swarms of locusts Across the span entire Of everywhere I look and also Everywhere I run; The nameless, faceless carnage Of billions Against One