on the lee side

there’s little shelter to be found

once ship has left the port;

the elements will have their say

and nature make its sport —


for trouble, and adventure, both

can lead, or, devastate:

and sailors no more dodge the wind

than lovers hide

from fate

Air and Water

I was born of air and water
Thought and feeling
Breath and tears;

Not of soil, nor of fire:
Slowly yielding
Through the years

As I learned how I was destined:
Character is
Fate indeed —

I was born of air and water
Sky and bayou
All I need

The Highland Girl

She’s traveled almost everywhere…


She’s traveled almost everywhere
To cities, valleys, islands:
But longs now just to breathe the air
Out in the verdant Highlands

To walk along a keening wall
Among the Summer heather;
To stay until the mordant Fall
Brings cold and windy weather

She hears the pipes of old come through
The ancient voices call her;
The modern mother turns again
Into the ancestral daughter

Passing Love On

We have these things but for a time…

Passed On

We have these things but for a time
And much of it is chance

These fates and opportunities
That can our lives enhance

We didn’t build the chessboard
Whether king or queen or pawn

Since all we have is borrowed
Love should always be passed on