on the lee side

there's little shelter to be found once ship has left the port; the elements will have their say and nature make its sport -- for trouble, and adventure, both can lead, or, devastate: and sailors no more dodge the wind than lovers hide from fate


“No one remembers the former generations, and even those yet to come will not be remembered by those who follow them.” Part 1 Cruel laughter rings Around a five-year-old boy Look at the little baby! He carries a teddy bear! And tears appear in the eyes Of the young, confused boy And the toy bear Part … Continue reading "Generations"

Reroutes (1)

There was a time I meant to go Another way. Another place Was where I set out for, at first, And though my long steps I retrace, It’s hard to know where I went wrong, A turn too early or too late — But I guess where we’re destined for Is really up To fate. … Continue reading "Reroutes (1)"


When you think you know the future, Many strange things will you do; When we’re right, we don’t think “lucky” — That’s the human point of view. Public lives are filled with hubris, Most are not accountable, For the world is asymmetric: This seems insurmountable. What was genius now is folly, What was right’s been … Continue reading "Prognostication"

A Chance At Love

I was to her a chance at love, So time called into season A way for her to change her life — And such days need no reason. Thereon, we touched in innocence, But I left, unavailing: For missing what the times demand’s Perhaps my biggest Failing

from the threshing floor – 5

there is a place i cannot reach: a far off land, that though i trudge, recedes, like hope itself in time, horizons daily i misjudge, but carried on by ignorance, i’ll wear by feet to blisters, then fall into forgotten-ness like aether, or transistors

Air and Water

I was born of air and water Thought and feeling Breath and tears; Not of soil, nor of fire: Slowly yielding Through the years As I learned how I was destined: Character is Fate indeed — I was born of air and water Sky and bayou All I need