Your business must be scalable –
Then bigger-than-a-whaleable —
If you would rise
Into the skies
And become unassailable

Within a house of luxury
Away from all the penury
You used to know
And hated so
Before you worked for usury

The interest of the common man
(Or common woman, understand)
To join the throng,
Yes, to belong
With all the debtors in the land –

A land of opportunity:
For everyone – for you, for me –
And malleable
Enough to see what I can see

That sure, our lives are bailable,
Though chance seem unavailable —
Just buy your suits,
Line up your fruits,
And make sure it’s all scalable

What It Be-Conomics

Don’t even ask about the title. I have no idea either.


Ah, yes, the world –

That’s buying and selling
You trade what you’ve got
For what you don’t

And needing something
Doesn’t mean you’ll have it
Unless you find
Something to trade for it

Do you bemoan this?
This state of affairs?

Then what would you would trade
To put in its place?

Money, Money Everywhere

Waiting Still

Money, money everywhere
And not a cent to spend;
So they wait, to their credit
For their penury to end

They drive by stately mansions
That they can’t afford to build;
Then go home to a cage they find
They can’t afford to gild

The love of money is the root
Of evil, it is said;
Yet they would love to have some
Just to buy a decent bed

Money, money everywhere
There’re funds to fit the bill;
But none has ever come their way
Nor likely, ever will