Your business must be scalable – Then bigger-than-a-whaleable — If you would rise Into the skies And become unassailable Within a house of luxury Away from all the penury You used to know And hated so Before you worked for usury The interest of the common man (Or common woman, understand) To join the throng, … Continue reading "Scalable"

Dreams Were Dreamed

Dreams were dreamed, Rooms were let, Doors were opened, People met. Business done, Paychecks mailed, Debts unpaid, Business failed. In the world’s eyes Not esteemed: Still, it’s noble — Dreams were dreamed

Money, Money Everywhere

Money, money everywhere And not a cent to spend; So they wait, to┬átheir credit For their penury to end They drive by stately mansions That they can’t afford to build; Then go home to a cage they find They can’t afford to gild The love of money is the root Of evil, it is said; … Continue reading "Money, Money Everywhere"