Healthy habits are easy... to think about.

Candy Bars

(My exciting day continues its "has-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat" quality. - Owen)

Common Thoughts #1 – Diet & Exercise

To exercise feels good, If I can get myself to do it, And I can eat the things I should, If I just attend to it. My problems are all solvable If I remain involved; And yet I sit here, still amazed For none of them are solved

My Favorite Aisle

My favorite aisle at the store Has chips, and very little more; Although my fondness there might be The cause of my enormity So since it’s my birthday today Perhaps I’ll find some healthy way To snack: some other way to smile – And find a whole new Favorite Aisle Photo credit : © Noodles73 … Continue reading "My Favorite Aisle"

Salad Bar

Dimensionality: a good a reason to diet as any.