Looking Out on Desire

Handsome on the hill Beautiful and strong You will find some peace It won’t be that long Hope is not just wishing Love’s without machinery Look out on desire Cultivate the scenery


  “Life’s like this,” He said to her, “Our heart’s are constant yearning. We come, we go We ebb, we flow Until there’s no Returning.”

A Sonnet on Desire

The way the river must move to the sea, The way the planet must move t’ward the sun, The way I am to you, or you to me, As worlds will circle, rivers endless run – The call of something born before our birth, Celestial, yet deep within the earth; As deep within you, I … Continue reading "A Sonnet on Desire"


the intersection of memory and reality -

Untamed Desire

Dark is this strange, untamed desire, Making her restless as the sea; Flaring into bits of flame and fire, Burning the edge of her tapestry — Wind on the beaches, rolling waves, Voice of a love she’s yet to feel: Dark is this strange, untamed desire, Fantasy hopes, more felt Than real

affection’s shadow

desire and affection are often confused, one for the other and so we chase our shadows, only to find we saw what we brought