A Sonnet on Desire

The way the river must move to the sea,
The way the planet must move t’ward the sun,
The way I am to you, or you to me,
As worlds will circle, rivers endless run –

The call of something born before our birth,
Celestial, yet deep within the earth;
As deep within you, I would, I must be —
The loss of anything like liberty –

The waking into madness in a sweat,
The touch that must be consummated soon,
The truth that turns the wise to a buffoon,
The every-paying, never sated debt —

    The distance that will ever be too far;
    That souls and bodies, souls and bodies are


(“A Sonnet on Desire” – 3-29-2017)


the kiss upon the neck that turns

the nerves inside the body out –

the summertime that burns the skin

and leaves the sweating soul in doubt


for there is folly where there’s love,

and where there’s love, there’s oft remorse –

and mem’ries don’t a pillow make

and rivers fester when you dam

the source

Untamed Desire

Dark is this strange, untamed desire,
Making her restless as the sea;
Flaring into bits of flame and fire,
Burning the edge of her tapestry —

Wind on the beaches, rolling waves,
Voice of a love she’s yet to feel:
Dark is this strange, untamed desire,
Fantasy hopes, more felt
Than real


chemical imbalance brushing
nails done in arylide

yellow on the margins of the
fringe of the outside

wrapped around a coffee cup of
fiji kava kava —

poured into a throat converting
water into lava

steam approaching maximum and
streaming ever higher

yellow on the margins of the
fringe of desire