She’s Never Looked So Beautiful

My youngest daughter’s very tall,
And always dressed in fashion –
She loves to don the vintage look,
The 40’s are her passion —

And parents are a biased lot.
So please, don’t think me sappy:
She’s never looked so beautiful as now

She’s happy

Daughter’s Day

The day came that we watched her go;
She wasn’t sad at all —
For lives in motion, days are full
Of moving —

And after all, we grow and leave.
The small become the tall —
So much that needs disproving, or
Improving —

The vented hearts we have are made
For pride mixed up with grieving;
To see our faith rewarded in
Our daughter’s own believing

In who and what and where she was,
And where all she’d be going;
But Lord, my heart was broken, far
Beyond mere words, or knowing,

But yet – the day was hers, not ours.
Just parents with a daughter:
Who watch her her go with pride, and eyes
Reduced to salt
And water