She’s Never Looked So Beautiful

My youngest daughter’s very tall, And always dressed in fashion – She loves to don the vintage look, The 40’s are her passion — And parents are a biased lot. So please, don’t think me sappy: She’s never looked so beautiful as now Because She’s happy


You wished they lived in always-joy, But settle, then, for moments: You pray they live in never-pain, But settle for postponements You dreamed you’d give them everything, And that it would continue: To see them feel kind of love That every day They give you

Daughter’s Day

The day came that we watched her go; She wasn’t sad at all — For lives in motion, days are full Of moving — And after all, we grow and leave. The small become the tall — So much that needs disproving, or Improving — The vented hearts we have are made For pride mixed … Continue reading "Daughter’s Day"