A Cycle of Unities – 4

WHAT builds or builds up never is in vain. For much is daily torn down, naturally, And may need care, repair, or outerwear. And so we search for ways, or maybe means To bring disorder back to unity. This much is plain to see: But then disorder never leaves for long. It is how humans … Continue reading "A Cycle of Unities – 4"

A Cycle of Unities – 3

TO HOLD at last to what we have been told, Then grow the craft itself, This is way that art continues life; An interactive search, Discovering with tools we have been given How to build onto humanity. For there are no small arts: All creativity Is both mystic and sacred Though mundane: What builds or … Continue reading "A Cycle of Unities – 3"

A Cycle of Unities – 2

IT’S just that we may not be there to see it: Healing, when it finally comes, Through medicine, or rest, or cat’s-claw; Secret workings, lost biology. Computers break and software fails, Cars give out and houses crumble, Yet we hold on to technology, As though all chance of error Had been stopped. The body does … Continue reading "A Cycle of Unities – 2"

A Cycle of Unities – 1

WHAT goes away comes back again someday. Though forms be ever changing, undulant, And summer yields at length to that coolant That brings bare winter, on its hands and knees, With its harsh mockery of what was breeze; That sends the birds to flee, the soul to freeze. But season comes to season, creek to … Continue reading "A Cycle of Unities – 1"