Common Thoughts #6 – Friends

There is an age where boys and girls are friends
Before the madness comes, in puberty;
When differences do not seem so remote
Acceptance is their common currency

But years turn into hormones, and we set
Ourselves apart in gender mystery:
And kids who once spent hours off alone
Walk by each other, like they do not see

And some say then, that friends we cannot be,
For sexual desire is too strong:
And though a boy and girl may really try,
Their thoughts turn to attraction before long

I think this theory’s stupid, and here’s why:
I know attraction’s real, and we all feel it –
But banks all have the money we desire,
That doesn’t mean we all go try to steal it

To say we can’t be friends because of sex
Is patently untrue; we just don’t try.
Which is a shame; we miss out on a lot –
With most of us not ever knowing


5 Pastels – 5

How easy to mock,
Other people’s priorities.

But a taste for beauty and order
Isn’t really a thing to mock —

For much in life is terrible or chaotic,
And even more is, in the last analysis,
Problematic, and unsolvable.

So, those who add something
To peace, or joy, or wellbeing,
Are among

The angels

Common Thoughts #7 – Meat Loaf & Brussels Sprouts

What exactly’s in a meat loaf?
I am sure that I don’t know.
Maybe some ingredients?
Still, it seems quite apropos

To serve it with brussels sprouts –
Those two things both mysteries –
One: I’m not sure what it is;
Two: I don’t know who likes these

Common Thoughts #16 – Dating

Now I’ve been married many years,
But I can still recall
The torture that is dating, and
The wonder of it all

So many times, I’d try to do
And be the best I’m able,
Only to see my date appalled
Across the dinner table

I’m glad I never saw myself
As I seemed to some eyes;
Although, exactly how I looked
I’m sure I could surmise

For dating is a simple thing:
We look for one who’ll say
That though we are imperfect, they
Still want us anyway

And about whom, we feel the same.
There’s really no more to it:
But it’s tortuous for those
Who still choose to
Go through it

Common Thoughts #15 – Beer vs Wine

One of them is made of grain
And frees you (briefly) from all pain;
The other one is made from grapes
And offers you some (short) escapes

But come the morning, I have found
The headaches much the same:
You might wake up with someone and
Not quite be sure
Their name

Common Thoughts #14 – Male Body Image

It may come as a surprise to women
That men have body image issues, too:
We’ve seen the covers of your books,
The films you like, the guys you crush on

And many of you are more
Detail-oriented than we are,
Seeking more perfection
Which we are well aware we don’t have

Do we look okay?
Do we smell okay?
Are we doing this right?
We ask ourselves the same questions –

Believe me