Common Thoughts #6 – Friends

There is an age where boys and girls are friends Before the madness comes, in puberty; When differences do not seem so remote Acceptance is their common currency...

5 Pastels – 5

How easy to mock, Other people’s priorities. But a taste for beauty and order Isn’t really a thing to mock — For much in life is terrible or chaotic, And even more is, in the last analysis, Problematic, and unsolvable. So, those who add something To peace, or joy, or wellbeing, Are among The angels

Common Thoughts #7 – Meat Loaf & Brussels Sprouts

What exactly’s in a meat loaf? I am sure that I don’t know. Maybe some ingredients? Still, it seems quite apropos To serve it with brussels sprouts – Those two things both mysteries – One: I’m not sure what it is; Two: I don’t know who likes these

Common Thoughts #15 – Beer vs Wine

One of them is made of grain And frees you (briefly) from all pain; The other one is made from grapes And offers you some (short) escapes But come the morning, I have found The headaches much the same: You might wake up with someone and Not quite be sure Their name

Common Thoughts #12 – Fried Chicken

The sight, the scent: They are always there To trap us, and to lure us — It is a common thought, indeed: “What seems good to us,   May not be good for us.”