Real World Definition #1

Nervous Neighborhood Dog

Roving packs of dogs
Sometimes attack single neighborhood dogs
And try to tear them to pieces

Sometimes, in the human world
This gets called “bullying”

Although more often
It gets called “peer review”

Public Bathroom Grudge Graffiti

Now, he doesn’t have to leave his room.

Except, not this clever.
Except, not this clever.

In decades past, he wrote on bathroom walls
With all the courage of the newly scorned;
With phone numbers and “for-a-good-time-call’s”,
His sentiments, both crass and unadorned —

But now he doesn’t have to leave his room
To strike out at the women who he’s loathe
To admit were his poor libido’s doom,
And who (he wishes) he could each unclothe —

But like the wall obscenities of yore,
He’ll work to do what damage that he can:
And prove again, as has been proved before –
One can be male, and still not be
A man

Memory Tricks #1

Strange, the tricks that memory plays. Strange, but convenient.


For every memory

Of being bullied

There should be

A memory of being a bully

And yet –

The actual ratio

Seems to be

About 40 to 1


Given that bullies tend to

Operate in packs

It is possible that

There should be

More memories

Of bullying

Than being bullied

But this is not the case