AKA (Animal Kingdom Analogies)

Debt’s an Anaconda That crushes you, but slowly; Lust, a Venus Flytrap That quickly takes you wholly Envy is an Adder That poisons at the heel Depression is a Spider That takes time with its meal

A Country Autumn – 5

Crops, like children, do not grow The same from year to year; We do our best, but even so, We watch each one in fear For all those things that may go wrong: From slower growth, or faster — The fear that which we’ve loved so long Will fall upon disaster — Yet both are … Continue reading "A Country Autumn – 5"

How to Describe My Day…

It’s flowers stenciled on a waste paper basket It’s a basketball goal without a net It’s a door jamb that will not quite seal It’s a two-part rerun where they only show the first part It’s an outdoor gas pump that tells you to come inside for a receipt It’s a poor imitation of something … Continue reading "How to Describe My Day…"

How Life Is

One doesn't have much to work with sometimes.