Scatter Your Love

Scatter your love to the winds,
Let it travel deep and wide;
Up the hils and down the dales,
Cross the highest mountainside

Let your love be pure and strong,
North or south or east or west:
Scatter your love to the winds,
Let it find its place
To rest

Boat Docks

Off the street from where we lived
A hill sloped down to the waterside,
And there, a world beyond our means
As fabulous boats to the docks were tied

Large boats, to the eyes of innocent child
Ships to have adventures on
Vast travels I would never see
Imaginings long, long since gone

The smell of water I recall
The sound of boats that gently creak
The soothing sound of watching birds
The glorious journeys still I seek

Una Bella Vita (1)

A place they both had always longed to see
In days when love was future plans gone mad;
She’s beautiful, and so is Italy —
Then tell me now: why is she so damn sad?

Is it because upon the plane ride here
Beside her sat a silent empty seat?
Does she now walk this dream devoid of cheer?
Or is there someone here she might soon meet?

Somebody who will help her on her way
Who needs her help and majesty, as well;
And was this photo taken just before?
For life is full of changes, I’ve heard tell…

Anna Remembers


She felt a tear form in her eye –

For those she’d known in days gone by

When she was young and hale and strong

And when the future still seemed long

For now her days are fraught with ache

With muscles frail and bones that break

Back then, though, she was young and free

And wasted not her liberty

She danced once on a show’r of stars

To music from Cuban guitars

In old Havana long ago

A man her family didn’t know

They ran and laughed until it hurt

She placed her hand upon his shirt

Then felt her lover’s warm embrace —

All as that tear rolls down her face