A Pasquinade

A bit of patefaction, The knights of paravant Afire in their presenium While old pneumatics haunt. A brief polemic for a start, A beverage poculent, A precatory kind of thing Just palaver — For rent

Alicia at the Fountain

She placed her lips upon a stream Of pure and crystal water; That kids behind might push and shove, Experience had taught her. And so, she looked back as she drank, The marble walls, a spectrum — Then stepped off carefully, to better Make room for the next one. She studied, then, the walls up … Continue reading "Alicia at the Fountain"

a holiday scherzo

how much the merit sought unfound a way across the habit formed to seek a somewhere sunny ground where head and heart and health are warmed and yet no complicated thing but easy is as simple spins the tune that each and all can sing the nothings that are really wins   for we do … Continue reading "a holiday scherzo"

A Relationship Story

Relationships are easy to fix When you aren’t in them. They, however, were: and life And character and circumstance Had not been kind to their intentions. Life almost invariably frustrates expectations, Even when we aren’t entirely sure Where our expectations came from, in the first place. For them, each had an image of marriage Formed … Continue reading "A Relationship Story"

The Only One

I sometimes have to sit and think Who all they were, and when they were; A kind of map of who I’ve been Or GPS, if you prefer — But there’s a difference with the one, She always with me, wake or sleep; I tell myself I’ll move along, But it’s a promise I can’t … Continue reading "The Only One"

carbonated persiflage

to drink one’s fill of trash and scorn in carbonated persiflage is like a bit of bantering inside a trippy motor lodge with everyone you’ve ever met and some few you don’t know — it may not sound like much, but still, just go. to spend your life in waste and want and elevated camouflage … Continue reading "carbonated persiflage"

Shadows of Our Yesterdays

By the corner store, down an empty street, Lay shadows of our yesterdays; Where memory stretches and frays like knots Through musty doors, and passageways, And the tumbling years flow through like air Of a different time, with a different “clean” — But the jacked-up, high-up cannot know What they’ve never read about, or seen. … Continue reading "Shadows of Our Yesterdays"

you knew

the sky-red in his bloodshot eyes the smell that meant a certain bar the haven you could never find the swing of headlights from a car and all the things i know you knew the pain of bone and flesh and soul which keeps you always separate and’s left you wholly scarred, and partly whole