by these candles

so many visions fractured, things i don’t remember making, ideas formed before i knew to say, “remember that you made these.” lost and broken so now, the days of aging, not a super-sleuth or power-broker, just a group of limitations smelling like the summer came too soon. i see, though, now that what is not … Continue reading "by these candles"

rip van sprinkler

woke up to find much that i own is out of date no longer made and i cannot recall just when attention was no longer paid to what is in and what is out how water is dispersed these days it’s not that i have been asleep, but more that daft’s a lifelong phase

Carefree Delivery

Go, then, to the golden Fields of barley waiting, Warm breeze through the poppies, Summer celebrating Stand tall as the birds call, Soak in each reminder — Go back where you knew love Back when love Was kinder

Err Apparent

Living on the lowground, Drinking all your dealings, Amity amnesia, Floating in the feelings. Neolithic nothing, Mellow manic mastered — Living on the lowground, Permanently plastered

exigent willows

(this sameness wasn’t old) it was the shape of our ambivalence the form of our inheritance the fate of our strange arguments about the many and the few the missing underprivileged the moral corners cut and edged the truths forgotten lightly pledged but here the tumulus lies cold the anger that has lost its sense … Continue reading "exigent willows"

between the moments

between the moments that we are come many where we cease to be; this isn’t paradoxical — just pauses, bits of entropy between the moments still and far we stumble breathless into night; for we must live in balance on that space between the darkness and the light

apposite reflections

maybe, there’s a different way to be complete and not to be afraid of what the world might think, not subject to complicity in many of the things gone wrong that mar this day, this place, our view — yes, maybe, there’s a different way to really help the actual you

a merited disdain

you drove her to a place where she no longer knew what to believe, you left her in the corner where she learned too young to too long grieve and though she’ll be ok, and you are not beyond reclaiming, i feel her hurt in every nerve, and this is past just blaming — so … Continue reading "a merited disdain"