Love the Moment, Feel the Wind

Love the moment, feel the wind,
Make believe you never sinned,
Saying words you can’t rescind —
Love the moment, feel the wind.

Wear your glamor like a prize,
Wrap it all in silk and lies,
Interlaced with alibis —
Wear your glamor like a prize.

Once, you were a fair man’s daughter,
Now you lead the weak to slaughter,
Laughing, leaping, like an otter,
Preening for the watching eyes —

Love the moment, feel the wind,
None of this on you gets pinned,
You the ranks firsthand have thinned —
Love the moment, feel
The wind

forgotten sands of almost-time

forgotten sands of almost-time
ran out, and there we were:
you had your sundry choices
as to what you might prefer --

so many possibilities,
with you the lone discussant:
but none were really good enough.
at least i know
i wasn't

Entranced by Beauty

I am entranced by beauty,
Although I realize
That there is more to someone than
What happens to our eyes.

For love is made of laughter,
And stays in times of woe —
And character of brains and will
And more that I don’t know.

But when sunshine in Paris
Sets almond eyes aflame,
I am entranced by beauty,
And it’s good, all the same

Can You Stop The Sunset?

Now, can you stop the sunset?
Can you control the hours?
Or is this just another thing
That’s far beyond your powers?

What’s real was once what hadn’t been,
What’s here is only now;
And though we hold on to its rays,
The sun escapes, somehow.

Now, can you stop the nightfall,
And keep at home the years?
Or is the now for us to see,
And then recall
Through tears?