Follow The Tracks

Life’s a desert, follow the tracks
If you stay one place too long
Soon the fiery sun’s too strong
And with full force attacks

Life is lonely, follow the tracks
To where others also live
Give while you can still full give
And cover up the cracks

No direction – can’t relax –
Leave the deserts sands behind
Let your wondrous way unwind
And just follow the tracks

The Funny Thing About Love Is…


Real lovers
Respect each other
Real lovers also
Can laugh about their failings
With each other

The respect comes first
And remains at last
The laughter of lovers
Can bring cleansing

It is a fine line
Laughing at each other
But love
And only love
Can turn laughter
Into joy

Morning Mood

Morning Sunrise

I’m one of those people you’ve heard about
Who wakes up feeling great
The best part of my energy
Is spent well before 8

I workout and I walk and then
I write a poem or two
Then schedule them to publish
In my thirty-poem queue

My old dog sleeps outside my door
Which I leave open for her
And when she is no longer there
My life will be much poorer

My life’s been touched by many things
And people I have known
I feel it most at morning
When it is just me, alone

Sonnet Comprised of Quotes from My Cousin Melody


Foster's Mill Store

How ’bout I come and smack you in the head?
I didn’t think that this could really work.
And I can see more troubles up ahead
Because you are a double-barrel jerk.

You do not listen when I tell you how;
Nor hear me when I tell you when or where.
And then you all but up-and-have a cow
Because your head’s caught in your underwear.

Now this has happened, and it’s all your fault.
You’re dumb as dirt, and dumber than a fence;
And you’re not worth your weight in table salt –
And black hole’s are the only thing more dense.

Had she foreseen your birth and its effects
Ten months before, your mom’d have gave up sex.