The Boundary

Respect and Love

The boundary that lies between
A light contempt and real respect
Is one not analyzed or seen
Or known, quite often (I expect)

Respect: it is foundational
Love’s golden halls can than it gild:
But flippancy and sarcasm
Tear down all that respect can build

The Daily Battles


The daily battles that we fight
Are what our lives are, in the end
The horrors of the past we hide
The present dooms that might impend

And as the days and years go by
We list events out, name and date
And hear the dove of mourning cry
For all the lucklessness of fate

For death and grieving we endure
For violence that’s been done to us
We go on forward, always sure
That it will be so, ever thus

The daily battles that we fight
Take all our courage and require
That we do not desert by flight
And with our dying breath, reach higher

Mugged By Love

Lonely Street

It picks you up and throws you down
It kicks your can all over town
It likes to make you think it’s gone
Then waylay you on your front lawn

It waits in alleys patiently
To jump out unexpectedly
And slap you with its velvet glove
Yes, you, sir – have been mugged by love