In An Open Field

In an open field, beyond the weight 
  Of the walls that seem too tight of late, 
  She stares towards what seems foreordained, 
  And a total change of life. 

As the clouds blow quick, and the sun streaks high, 
  There's the moment she knows that there's no more "try", 
  As it's all been ventured, with nothing gained 
  But a broken man-and-wife. 

And a thousand moments come all at once: 
  When the days seemed minutes, then the hours, months, 
  And as the grass blows, she feels a spirit depart, 
  Like a shadow across her mind -- 

In an open field, by a lovers' tree, 
  Wide open has sprung an immensity 
  The she must sail across with but one lone heart, 
  And a much younger girl left behind

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