Where It All Leads

The day has come; I wander off to think.
My purpose has been accidental, and
A change is coming; I am on the brink
Of being somewhere I don't don't understand.

The years like track that's led me to this place.
December coming, ghostly falls the snow:
Do I keep going, with no place to go?
My markers gone, and I cannot retrace

The signs I used follow ere the days
I worked. Employment's supposed to be phase,
And not identity, and yet I find
I stumble now, and wander, cold and blind.

  Where it all leads I really cannot say,
  Or what will come, now finally comes the day.

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5 Thoughts to “Where It All Leads

    1. Merry Christmas to you, as well!

      As to retiring, not yet; but, a number of my co-workers have recently, and I was trying to relay my impressions of some of what they were feeling.

      I’m fifty-eight, so it’s not that far off for me.

      1. I am 57. But I had to leave my job at 47 due to my disability progressing. I was a vocational rehabilitation counselor for the state. I helped people with disabilities become employed. I loved my job… I loved my clients… The politics, not so much. Retiring definitely requires a shift in consciousness. But it’s good! And mostly it’s good because I thoroughly enjoy my time with my husband!
        When you get the opportunity to retire… I wish you a wonderful next chapter!💜

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