We grew together, all of us, as one,
 Then gradually let go to make our ways
 To love, or jobs, or just what looked like fun
 In those, the loosest, easiest of days.

 But still together, on a common ground,
 We rolled and turned as life's vicissitudes
 Sent us each tumbling over, and around,
 A jumble of disparate attitudes.

 And soon, we looked, each other far away,
 But we'd return, we thought. We always had:
 It's not like night does not conclude with day,
 Or like good times won't come when things get bad -

     But now I see that part of letting go
     Is what we have to leave, if we're to grow
 A path believes
 That where it leads
 Is worth the time
 For going

 And no amount
 Of cover-up
 Can keep its pride
 From showing

 For when we have
 To go, we need,
 A walking way
 (Or driving)

 And getting there
 Can often be
 The best part of

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