Sketches – 82

How is it going?

Ugh. I hate painting

What are you working on?

An ulcer, right now

I don’t get how the process works

It isn’t… working

I mean, how you transfer what you see
In your head to the canvas

If I could do that, I wouldn’t be frustrated

Does anything help?
Could I bring you a bagel or something?

From Panera?
Yes, please.
You know the kind I like.
And coffee:
Madagascar Vanilla Almond Cold Brew


Madagascar Vanilla Almond Cold Brew

Like, off the coast of Mozambique?

Off the coast?
It’s not like you can see it from there

So Panera sells
Mid-Indian Ocean coffee?

Western Indian Ocean, technically

Is it just me,
Or do we have weird conversations?


Alright, I’m off to get you
A bagel and some exotic coffee

Pick me up some inspiration while your out

Maybe they’ll have some
Diego Garcian Chocolate Walnut Inspiration for sale

I’d take it

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