It Takes Practice

Everyone knows
If you want to get good at something,
It takes practice.

All of us teens
Wanted to be good at kissing.
So we needed to practice

Finding someone
To practice with, however,
Proved difficult

The girls I knew appeared to have
These things called ‘standards’,
And I was, clearly, substandard —

But I eventually got over it
Or some few lowered their standards
Or both

At any rate, kissing
Is like everything else:
You’ve never done it until you do it

The first girl who I kissed
More than once was
Looking for a practice partner as well

So we met places, in my car or
At her house and

At some point, we realized that
We didn’t particularly like each other
All that much, so that was that

(Now, at this point, I realize
  Other people have stories like this about
  Practicing more advanced forms
  Of physical intimacy at the same age,
  But I do not.
  This was my actual life.)

I went on from there to have
My first real date, my first real love,
And so on

Learning, as I went, that are
At least one hundred other things
As important in a relationship

And that also take practice

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