From My Age 17 Diary

“There’s someone out there for everybody” is what girls tell you when they’re pretty sure no one they know, or could imagine knowing, would have you.

Why do people stay in horror movies? Couldn’t they just walk off set?

“If your friends drove off a cliff, would you—“

“Have been the one to suggest it? Probably.”

She figured out today I’ve been getting in trouble for walking her to class every day. I think being late for fourth period 51 times before she found out is a decent accomplishment.

They said we wouldn’t last
That we were both too flighty
But look at us now
Breaking up
Ending this great love
We thought would last
But didn’t
I’m so sad
Oh look, we’re back together

Had to give an impromptu speech at school today on the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done, and tripped and fell flat on my face walking up to give it. “Show, not tell,” was my entire speech.

Girls tell me they like guys who are confident, but not arrogant, which my mind translates as, “You’re allowed to like you if I do.”

The makeup didn’t cover
All those bruises,
Thick mascara couldn’t
Hide the tears,
Now she’s gone away,
And we don’t know where,
But hopefully she is safe
From all her fears

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