The 6 Ages of Sorrow

There’s that year you realize, you aren’t as good at things as the other kids are.

There’s that age when you find out what it is to love someone with all that you are, only to find that all that you are means nothing whatsoever to the other person.

There’s the day when you realize that all the righteous anger in the world doesn’t make you a super-hero.

Oh, and here’s betrayal: something you’d only read about, or seen in movies, slapping you repeatedly in the face, and reminding you that bad faith in friendship is many ways worse than bad faith in love.

And now, what it is to lose those closest to you: the irreplaceable nature of relationships brought home and straight into every cell of your being.

Then comes the moment you wish you had again those feeble powers you once thought of as inadequate.

Limitation. Lovelessness. Disillusionment. Betrayal. Grief. Deterioration. No amount of learning about these things changes what it is to face them, to go through them.

We go through them, because there is no getting around them, or over them. We are in them.

And they are in us.

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