The Music of Remembering

The music of remembering, the melody of “once”;
The flash of memory blinding like a thousand burning suns —
The heart turned inwards toward a time when kindness was in style:
And whispered love was guaranteed to cause a secret smile

The music of remembering, the cabaret of time;
With everything in motion, but emotions still in line —
A day out on the lawn with just her memories in tow:
Of when the whispers were for her –
And love,
An afterglow

in love’s embrace,
we do not see
that it’s a source
of misery
for those of us
who’ve felt it’s sting:

for love
just screws up

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2 Thoughts to “The Music of Remembering

  1. interesting that you choose to post diametrically opposed poems, one then the other, sunny pastoral then cynically stormy. Blake’s songs sing some in the room

    1. Because I work in small forms, the idea of synthesizing pairs or trios or suites of them into one thing is what I’m going for. And yes, Blake was an inspiration here.

      Thanks for reading and taking time to comment.

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