Born Desiring

We are born desiring, wanting;
Seldom does that really change.
Though our scenery may vary —
Furniture we’ll rearrange —

Never does the longing leave us,
Nor our restless hearts feel full:
Everyday the pushing, tugging,
Every breath, the constant pull

Of a striving deep within us.
Reaching for, and reaching past
Every happy thing around us
For some other that will last.

Though the morning sits to greet us,
Though a lover waits at home,
We are born desiring, wanting:
We are born to break

Our own

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2 Thoughts to “Born Desiring

  1. Lovely words and so true. I have been listening to Aaron Abke on how to get out of that struggle. Perhaps we are beginning to evolve past it. Surely the desire to escape the trap of that rat race is confirmation that we will achieve true satisfaction.


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