She‘ll Be The One

Son, let’s have it be understood:
It’s work to be worthy of somebody good.
To be kind, and be strong, and to understand —
To do what it takes to be this kind of man —
This is the voyage. It’s part of your walk:
To matter in action, and not just in talk.
For honor is everything when you’re a guy,
Not money, not fame, but the look in your eye
When you know in your heart you’ve been doing your best,
You can hold your head high, and at night you can rest.

But that’s not enough — or, it wasn’t for me.
You’re gonna meet someone, and you’re gonna see
That the world is much bigger than you could have known.
In the way a book’s read, or the way her hair’s blown,
In the serious way that she teases things out of you,
Laughs with you, looks at you, never a doubt of you.
You’d give your life for her, gladly, it seems:
She’ll be the one who’ll beat all of your dreams.
And strangely enough, though you won’t think it’s true,
She’s working hard

To be worthy

Of you

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