same old situation

habits of inquietude
wreck my isolation;
being nice or being rude -
same old situation

love helps minds like iodine,
anodyne and whimsy -
i've excuses by the score,
many of them flimsy

capital or corporal,
punishment's a stunner:
soothing is the passing torch,
unless you're a runner

banged about from fore to aft,
passed by in the shuffle;
karaoke by the hour -
pretty bloody awful

philistine and bourgeoisie,
known for taste in lacking;
firing the enemy,
all else, merely sacking

same old situation, yes,
it forever blows --
it's as plain as what you know;
what you know's your nose

habits of ingratitude,
nerd my appellation --
words are left me for my food,
same old

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