floridian construction

Let me remake this past. Let me be free.
I cannot help the thing that I’ve become;
So much I’ve carried I should just let be.

It always hurts the second I’m not numb,
I cast my net too wide, and reach too far;
My biggest fear is to be found out – dumb.

But then, you say, “It is the way we are:
The penitent just wear it, like a shawl,
While others smoke it off, or hit a bar.”

And there’s something in that, I guess. For all
Are in this thing together, in the end.
We’re all out walking, til our day to fall.

There’s truth in this, I say it, friend to friend,
But truth brings pain, and pain brings clarity,
If you can hear the thoughts I mean to send:

  That what is not expressed is latency,
  And freedom carries with it


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7 Thoughts to “floridian construction

  1. Beautiful poem, excellent writing.
    Is that an image of you? Reminds me of one of my favorite actors, Paul Giamatti.

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