It Seems Kinda Wrong

Girls like boys, and
Women hate men.
Run it all back, then
Do it again.
For old hatreds
It’s time to die,
So we can make way
For new ones.

Days are long, and
Nights are hell.
Nobody cares, and it’s
Just as well —
For love is in very
Short supply
In our ready-made

But down at the church
Of old D.C.,
There’s a special pew saved
For you and me,
If we just sign up
And our minds conform,
And we stay locked in
Our political dorm —

You’re collateral damage, or
You’re in the fight —
It seems kinda wrong;
I’m assured it’s right.
For the doctrine taught
Is a straight command,
And it brooks no
Contradictions —

Girls like boys, but
Women hate men.
Run it all back, now,
Do it again.
There just isn’t time
To understand,
In this time of competing


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