The Edge of Time

I’ve seen the end of many things,
But understood far fewer;
The world is older than it was,
Though some now think it newer

I placed my trust in insolence
And waxed a bit sarcastic;
It’s hard to stretch the truth, when you
Are, frankly, inelastic

I ran upon the edge of time,
I followed every fashion;
But all the truth that I could find
Was only there in ration

Behold: the idols of the king
That we construct of fancy;
The emptiness of every thing,
Our constant necromancy –

That separates us from the dogs,
And shows them to be better;
The spirit of our naked laws
That hides behind the letter

You slipped your dress off in the night
And laid down there, beside me;
For you’d berate me in the day,
But in the night, you’d ride me

A life that was all mastery,
That you found so exciting;
But sulks and strokes don’t feed my need
And I got tired of fighting

And moved from your imperious
And isolating ways –
Out here, upon the edge of time,
Where all the nights and days

Are spent with someone genuine.
For though time is not real,
It’s better, still, to spend it on
Someone who makes you feel

I’ve seen the end of many things;
I’ve also seen some start:
For every thought’s a vassal to
The motives of the heart

And I’ve received so much that I
Have scarcely e’er deserved;
But maybe I’ve some principles
I mostly have observed

I stumble, yes. I often fall.
I’m mixed with mud, and grime —
But all I have is what is here
Out on the edge
Of time


(“The Edge of Time” – 2-23-2017)

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