Other Islands

I am the first who didn’t fight
Among the generations on both sides,
Questioning my own fealty

I am just one among the hearers
Of the incomprehensible ocean melody
Washing my feet

I don’t presume it’s been easier for you,
For no possession comes at higher price than self,
And while your ripples may reach me, faintly,
We’re all still islands.

I am the first who shunned the stage
As I do not bear close (or distant) inspection, and
Audiences, crowds, and mobs are just variant spellings

I am just one among the scholars,
Toiling through the ancient manuscripts,
Inking my hands

I don’t assume it’s been easy for you,
For no solidity is more fragile than self,
And while these birds have glimpsed you, distant,
We are still islands:

Sharing only the sound of the waves

And the same yearning to reach beyond

Our own shores

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