Love, Angels & Dinosaurs

So, did Love once remind you who you are?
And now, do you remind Love who she is?
Perhaps we overstep in thinking we
Have understood enough to see that far.

For very far, indeed, must be our ken
If we think that we can direct Love’s path;
No more can we control the very stars
Than tell Love when she must come back again.

The light may fade, the angels fold their wings,
The dinosaurs come back to roam the earth,
And habit tie itself into a bow:
While we must merely stand, and watch such things —

But Love — It lives and travels as it will,
So in Its time, prepare to drink your fill

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4 Thoughts to “Love, Angels & Dinosaurs

  1. For love- it lives and travels as it will,
    Bring embers to your heart and light the flame;
    Keep love alight within and then when all is still
    The morning dew of hope will rise again

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