your symbols…

you, full knowing of my pleasure,
showed me what your symbols meant;
took me to your buried treasure
neath your soft habiliment

hypnotizing and enticing
pastry spread across the floor;
had the wrapper, cake, and icing
just to find that you had more

led me down the spiral stairway
to the meal and bath in one;
in the rough and on the fairway
under wraps and thunder gun

hips and thighs and sheets and pillows
furniture most rarely used
curtains blowing gales and billows
members taut and glowing fuzed

how the scent of passion lingers
off our scales of one and ten
burning, to our toes and fingers
only to begin again

cast away in loving violence
limb and loin and groin and head
symbols written loud in silence
etched in sweat upon
my bed

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