Mind Is Just A State of Age

When very young, I was confused
Exactly who was who

When starting school, quite overwhelmed
With all there was to do

In junior high, I was depressed
About the other sex

In high school, I sank lower in
All life’s other respects

I tried to join the Air Force, but
That didn’t go too well

And college raised more questions
That bewildered me, as well

Like how to earn a living and
How to become grown up

And why you should stop drinking after
Your beer’s been thrown up

My early working years, chaotic
New quirks came to light

Like: while I’m good at math
That doesn’t mean my checkbook’s right

And dating was disorienting
That game, so unreal

Like how you must pretend
Your heart’s desire’s no big deal

But somehow, I got married, and
Perhaps oddest of all

I had to learn to hold her purse
While standing in the mall

And children are confounding, they
Are so mixed-up inside

Because, of course, they’re just like us
Completely mystified

I did divorce, that’s all a blur
She wanted someone other

The day your wife merely becomes
Your ex, your child’s mother

Remarriage and stepchildren brought
A new type of chagrin

To realize your ill-equipped
For the role you’re now in

And now, I am past fifty-three
Retirement is looming

And life’s complexities will grow
At least, I am assuming

Because our minds try to make sense
Out of what is too great

We sometimes only stop to breathe
The second
It’s too late

10 thoughts on “Mind Is Just A State of Age

    1. At the time I wrote this, I was doing a series of poems in Common Meter (which I always think of as the rhythm of “Amazing Grace”). That rhythm seems to lend itself, for me at least, to longer compositions.

      Sometimes, I will choose a short form in advance (“Byr”, “Lune”, “Haiku”, “Tanka”, etc.) and tell whatever story I have in mind with it: other times, a line will suggest itself first that determines the meter.

      1. Lovely. I’m inspired by your posts to dust off my own poetry skills. I’ve not written anything in years. I’m interested to try out different rhythms and mix up my game. Maybe I’ll post something over on my blog some time.

    1. First of all, thank you very much. I pick rhythms somewhat arbitrarily in advance, sometimes, as an exercise; other times, the subject or photo dictates the rhythm. In this case, I was consciously writing Common Meter, which works for me when I want to go longer.

      Thanks for reading and taking time to comment!

      1. You are truly very good at this. Where else for me, this is a way I am learning this beautiful language as English is fourth language. Very beautiful, indeed. 🙂

  1. It is never too late 🙂 No matter how old you are, you can still fall in love and do whatever that makes you happy.

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