in love and mist

a morning comes, in love and mist, alive —
the habitat of all its absentees —
she’ll rise to breathe again and fail to thrive
as long ago were any days of ease

but soft upon the door, the winter knocks,
and hard upon the floor, her husbands sleeps:
her best pajamas, and her favorite socks
make up the company she daily keeps

and coffee greets her as a warming friend,
the flickering screen of comments on her posts –
the hope perhaps today the joints will bend
and she won’t know, again, depression’s ghosts

as coffee to her lips is lightly kissed
the day begins again, in love and mist

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3 Thoughts to “in love and mist

  1. Oh, Owen… how DO you know all this and are able to express it too. And now you pair it with an image that shows the beauty in winter. It’s just not fair. i long for a nor’easter and a white-out.
    Angel in the dust

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