there was a time, there was a place

there was a time, there was a place
for bits of beauty, and some saving grace;
when young we were, yes, we were young,
and mercy ’round our thoughtless choices hung.

for blessed we were,
with much we took for granted —
we wandered randomly
a world enchanted,
just lights and colors,
pouring in, diverting —
the outlines dim
of others, hungry,

there was a time, there was a place,
when photographs that once hid interlace
began to show; the show, begun,
we had another task now needing done.

for ripe we are
with much that needs dispersing,
a world of loving,
doctoring, and nursing,
and inlet tides
where’er we can reversing,
to bless with care
where once was only

there was a time, a place, a day,
a faded youth we lost along the way,
a growing though, in hope, and peace,
and comfort, really meant, not
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