Sketches – 62

Good morning, love.
How’d ya sleep?

Like a baby

So, you slept well?

No, I woke up
Every two hours crying.
Yes, I slept well

My, aren’t you cranky

No, I just…
I just had some work stuff
Come in last night
I’m trying to get done now.
You know, before
I actually go to work

So I’m bothering you?
Am I in your space?
Do you feel violated?

… okay that was funny.
No, this is just my
“I’m working and trying to concentrate” face

Kind of scary.
I don’t recommend you overusing that
If you can help it

You are up early…

I’m going with our niece and nephew
To the zoo today

Don’t they have school first?

It’s part of school.
I am a chaperone

Don’t they usually want
Responsible adults?

… okay that was funny, too.
My sister couldn’t go, so I volunteered.

Cool. Hope you have fun.

A bus full of second and third graders.
I’m sure it will be… something.
Maybe fun

Bring me back something
From the gift shop

Maybe a sloth, to commemorate
How fast you are getting that
Work done

Or maybe a tiger.
You remind me of a tiger

Because…? Is that a sexual thing, or…

No, it’s supposed to be a compliment.
I failed compliments in school, though.
I “didn’t bring proper materials to class”,
Or something

I can teach you how to give a compliment,
If you would like


Enjoy the zoo.
It’s so good of you to take your sister’s kids there.
You are one of the best people I’ve ever known.
It’s one of many things I love about you.
The depths of your awesomeness are … unplumbed

If I had actually said that,
You wouldn’t have believed it.
That’s what we call “overselling”
Where I come from

I’m not the one who failed compliments
Is all I’m saying

Enjoy the zoo

Enjoy not getting your work done

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