Sketches – 56

I can do a lot with this place.
Can’t you just picture it?

You know I am incapable of picturing anything.
That’s why I married an artist, so
She could do that for me.

At least try.

How about… some Klieg lights?

Did you know that Klieg lights were invented by
People whose last names were Kliegl?


They should be Kliegl lights.
That’s all I’m saying.
It would be like if all historically accurate
Murals in the future were called
“Servan” paintings.
Just leaving off the last letter.
That’s just wrong.

Very wrong, I would say.
Should we get back to talking about
The gallery?

Oh, of course, sorry.
I want to put some of the smaller sketches here…

Maybe you could have one of those kind of rope things.
You know, Leibniz never got enough credit, either.

What? What are… what?

Calculus. Newton gets all the credit, and his
System isn’t even used.

I thought calculus was like a dental condition.
That’s why I married a mathematician, so he could
Do all of thinking about calculus for both of us.

So, Klieg lights, rope, and sketches. Got it.
What else can you envision?

I wish we could do more with natural light.
I mean, during daytime, obviously.
Can you picture skylights, or…

… high windows?

Yes, exactly.
See — you can picture stuff.
Not just talk about how the impressionist composers
Hated being compared to the impressionist painters,
Or whatever.

That’s right, they did. I forgot.
They preferred symbolist literature.

I am thinking about doing a painting
About the history of this gallery itself.

How old is this building?

Built in 1929

No way

The men who actually built this
Were almost all South American immigrants.
There was a community here of people
Who had come from Peru.
They had been displaced by European immigrants
After the war, who had moved down
There and taken all the jobs.
There are elements of the construction
That are unique because of it.

How do you know all this stuff?

I’ve been reading these things called
“Books” for years.
I used to read
Leibniz under Klieg lights, in fact.

Skylights and high windows are good for that, too

Now, you’re beginning to think like an artist

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