The Ways

You stay in a relationship long enough, you
  begin to wonder if you could ever be attractive
  to anyone again. I mean, anyone who
  you would want to attract.

Are things that bad?

No, but, it gets really hard when
  you know the person you are with
  isn’t that excited to see you.

Nor you, them?

Yeah, maybe not.

Perhaps that is why so many people
  don’t believe in permanent relationships.

You could be right. It feels like, though,
  we just kind of got lost out there, along the ways
  that couples go. I never thought it would
  happen to us, not like this.

It’s like a giant non-event, right?

That’s a good way to put it. A terrible thing has happened, only
  — nothing whatsoever has happened. Exactly.

If you picture yourself right now, as a house,
  what would you look like?

Haunted. A little neglected. But the light is still on.

The light is still on, indeed.

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